myBlueprint's highest levels of traffic on our site are typically between January and March, as hundreds of thousands of students across Canada use Education Planner to submit their course selections. 

To improve performance and ensure stability for all partners during this period, certain non-essential features within student, teacher, and counsellor accounts are temporarily disabled between January 5 and March 15 each year. These include:

  • The 'Student Insights' panel on the Dashboard page of Counsellor accounts is not visible. You can still access information about your students' activities in the Reports section. 
  • Points are no longer automatically recalculated in the top right of the student account as activities are completed - you can refresh your points total and IPP task completion by opening the Tasks section or clicking the Points icon: 
  • The red notification dot does not automatically appear for new messages at the top right of the student account during this period. Students will still receive email notifications for new messages, and other important updates about their accounts (e.g. if their course submission is re-allowed). 
  • The 'card' view of IPP tasks on the Student account Dashboard is no longer updated based on the tasks students have completed. Instead, it will show all IPP tasks for their grade, even if the student has completed them already. Students can still view their actual task completion by clicking View All Tasks.

All of these features are automatically re-enabled each year on March 15th.