The Class Pass app for iOS provides a simplified way to add content to myBlueprint portfolios. Students can post boxes to their portfolios themselves, or teachers can post artifacts directly to a student’s portfolio, to a group of students, or to an entire class.

Class Pass is a companion app to myBlueprint portfolios, and does not contain all of the same features as the web-based account accessible through any browser. The app itself is no longer being supported with updates (as of June 2023 - see note below), however it can still be used by teachers and students. 

This guide outlines the different use cases for the app and browser-based login, while addressing a few frequently asked questions, and our future plans for iOS and Android app support.

Class Pass AppIn Browser
  • If you’re looking for the most streamlined way to add media and other content to student portfolios, Class Pass is for you!

  • Class Pass is also the only way to post content to an entire class at the same time
  • Class Pass also allows you to work offline and upload once re-connected

  • Ideal for:

  • Documenting evidence of classroom learning in real-time
  • Capturing the moment at events like career fairs or field trips
  • Recording at co-op placements or work experiences

  • By logging in with the Class QR Code (generated from a teacher account), you can easily add portfolio content for any student within your class, even with limited access to technology in your classroom

  • Rather than each student logging in individually, you can capture evidence of learning by taking photos, recording videos, and more - then simply selecting your students’ names from a list (or choosing Entire Class)
  • You’ll need to use the browser-based login when you want your students to:

  • View and edit existing content within their portfolio
  • Add reflections or tags to their portfolio boxes
  • Complete Class Activities

  • You can log in and use these features through any Web browser - including those on mobile devices!

  • myBlueprint portfolios have a fully responsive design which is just as easy to use through a browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, etc.) on a smartphone or tablet

  • Individual Student QR codes can also be used to log in via the browser - simply visit and click Log In > QR Code Login, then scan your code

  • This option requires a camera on your device, and certain minimum specifications. For more information see our Technical Requirements for Mobile Devices document.
  • The Class QR code cannot be used in a Web browser, only the app

Update on Android Compatibility and Class Pass App maintenance

As of June 2023, the Android Class Pass app has been removed from the Google Play Store, and the Class Pass app is no longer being supported with updates for iOS. 

Based on user feedback, myBlueprint is developing a full-featured iOS and Android app alongside the development of SpacesEDU

As we focus our resources on development of this new platform, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue updates to the Class Pass App for Education Planner and All About Me.  

  • Over the coming years, districts will begin to migrate to a new version of our education & career planning platform built on the same technology as SpacesEDU. 
  • Until we transition schools to the new platform, we will continue to support Class Pass within teacher and student accounts, but the app will not receive updates.
  • As of 2023, the Google Play store began blocking new users from downloading the Class Pass app for Android.
    • This is only because it has not been updated in some time, not due to any known security issues with the app. We have subsequently de-listed the app and it is no longer available to download from the Play Store. 
    • Unfortunately, there is no way to work around this and install it on a new Google Play account if you have not already done so. We do not recommend trying to install it from a third-party app store. 
  • The app is still available for download from the iOS App Store but may be removed in the future.  
  • Teachers and students that have already installed the app can continue to use Class Pass on their phones and tablets, but may experience intermittent issues, particularly when new options are introduced with future iOS or Android updates.  

We are very excited about what's to come and we'll be communicating more information about our roadmap as release timelines are finalized.  

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve created a Class Activity for my students - how do they complete it in Class Pass?

Class Activities cannot be completed through Class Pass. In order to complete activities, please have your students log in through a Web browser - they can do so from a computer, or from a mobile device!

How do I post something to my entire class?

To post to your entire class, or a selected group of students within the class:

  1. Log in to your Teacher Account
  2. Click on your class to open it
  3. Click the View QR Code button in the Class Pass QR code box on the right
  4. Scan your QR code from the screen, or click Print 
  5. Open the app and scan the code
  6. Select the content you wish to upload, and tap the green check mark at the top right
  7. Select Entire Class at the top of the list, or check off the individual student(s) you wish to post to
  8. Tap the green checkmark again at the top right

How do I approve posts?

By default, posts made using the Class QR code require teacher approval before they become visible within students’ portfolios. This is intended to prevent any issues with students inadvertently posting to the wrong portfolio, or uploading content that should not appear in their portfolio. To approve posts, simply:

  1. Log in to your teacher account through a Web browser (either on a computer or mobile device)
  2. Click on your class to open it
  3. Click Review Posts
  4. Click Approve All to approve all pending posts, or click Approve or Remove as appropriate on individual posts

Why can't I see the posts from Class Pass in a student account? 

  • First, if the post was added with a Class QR code, check if the approve posts option is enabled, and if so, whether the post has been approved. 
  • If the post was approved, or added with an Individual Student QR code:
    • For All About Me students, the post should be visible right away in their portfolio
    • For students using Education Planner, the post is not visible right away. They'll need to first select which portfolio to add the content to: 
      • click Portfolios in the left-hand navigation menu
      • open or create a portfolio
      • click Add Box > Add from Class Pass to view content from the app and add it to that portfolio

I don’t want to approve posts as a teacher - what should I do?

  • You can click the toggle switch in the Class Pass box within your class and set ‘Approve Posts’ to No. This will disable the approval requirement so that future posts with the Class QR Code will appear directly in student accounts. 
  • If students log in to the app individually with their own QR code, there is also no approval required. 
  • Keep in mind, as outlined in the response to the previous question above, students using Education Planner (typically Gr. 7-12) will need to add the box to a portfolio by logging in to their account from a Web browser.

Curious about where to find individual QR codes, or how to reset a QR code if a student loses theirs? For a more detailed overview of the different QR login options, see our QR Code Login Guide.