As part of our initiative to ensure students maintain access to myBlueprint after graduating, we are pleased to announce the free Post-Secondary Edition of myBlueprint. Students are automatically transitioned into the Post-Secondary Edition once they have finished high school. 

Upon logging in, grade 12 students will be prompted to complete a short survey. 

  1. First, they will be asked where they will be going next year: 
  2. Next, they will be asked the workplace or institution they will be attending: 
  3. If a student selects a post-secondary pathway, they will be asked which program they will be taking: 
  4. They will be asked to confirm their personal email. 

If your district currently uses Single Sign-On and student access to their school email will be revoked after they graduate, this step ensures that students can log in with their personal email address and password moving forward (see screenshot below). 

      5. That’s it!

If your district currently uses the Exit Survey feature, students will be prompted to start it upon completing the transition survey.

For the remainder of the school year, students will remain tied to their high school and will be accessible to their counsellors and teachers. Come September, they will be rolled up into the Post-Secondary Edition and be able to access their account using their personal email address.

Need help? Do not hesitate to contact us, by either emailing or calling us at 1-888-991-5505. We are always happy to help!