Are you a teacher or counsellor that would like to set up prizes that only your school students or specific grades can access? 

Perhaps you are a staff member with a board staff account and would like to set up prizes for your entire school district? 

Read this article for the information we will require in order to set up these prizes.

Schools/Boards can have individual prizes for just their students! 

Note: prizes can only be set up for students that are on the Education Planner platform. Currently, prizes can't be set up for students on All About Me. 

Email the below information at least 2 business days before Go-Live date to: and CC with Subject line: Prize Draw for {School District/Board/School}

Information Required from the School/Board to add a prize:

  1. Go-Live date of draw (ie. when the prizes would be available for the students to enter the draws)
  2. End date of draw (ie. date when winners will be drawn/selected)
  3. Name of Prize
  4. Number of Points required for the student to enter the draw
  5. Image to accompany Prize (we can add if not known)
  6. Schools that will be participating (please specify any exclusions, if applicable)
  7. Grades that will be participating

How your School/Board will be notified:

  • myBlueprint will send the Top 10 students to the contact at the school/board who requested the prize once the list is generated at the end of the draw. 
  • We do not pick the winner! 
    • We let your school/board pick from the Top 10 that we send you. If 10 or fewer students have participated, myBlueprint will send the full list of participants to your school/board.
  • Your School/Board will select the winner, notify them and provide the prize. 

**myBlueprint does not provide the prizes to the schools for independent draws**