Are you a teacher or counsellor that would like to set up prizes that only your school students or specific grades can access? Perhaps you are a staff member with a board staff account and would like to set up prizes for your entire school district? Read this article for the information we will require in order to set up these prizes.

Note: prizes can only be set up for students that are on the Education Planner platform. Currently, prizes can't be set up for students on All About Me.

Please email with the following information:

  • The number of Prizes
  • The Prize Name(s)
    • Note: prize names can only be a maximum of 35 characters, including spaces
  • The Points required to enter
    • Note: we recommend points be double the prize value, i.e. a $15 prize requires 30 points to enter
  • The School(s) or School District that it will be available to
  • The Grade(s) it will be available to
  • The Draw Date of the prize
  • The number of winners
    • Whether you would like to decide the winner(s) or have us select them
  • The Prize Logo(s) 
    • I.e. the school crest, image of the actual prize - i.e. Tim Hortons 
    • Note: for the best resolution, the logo should be resized to, 160px x 96px

Once the above information is received, myBlueprint will set up the prize(s) and follow up once the prize(s) have been added.