What should I do if my Course Selection Manager is not loading?


By Alasdair McMillan

updated over 1 year ago

If your course selection manager is not loading. Try the following quick fix:

  1. Navigate to your Counsellor Lead account Dashboard page
  2. First try simply refreshing the page - click the reload button in your browser or press F5
  3. If that doesn't work, complete a hard refresh/reload of the page:
    • For Windows Computers – Press Ctrl+Shift+R all together 
    • For Mac Computers - Press Command+Shift and then add “R

If your course selection manager is still not loading, then try the following:

  1. On your Counsellor Lead account Dashboard page
  2. Complete an empty cache and hard reload:
    • For Desktop ComputersPress F12 
    • For Windows ComputersCtrl+shift+I all together or Ctrl+Shift+J all together 
    • For Mac Computers right-click (mouse) or two-finger click on the trackpad then click Inspect 
  3. This will open a console box, which you can ignore 
  4. Navigate to the page refresh/reload button
  5. Right click on the page refresh button
  6. Click Empty Cache and Hard Reload 

Note: for a visual of steps 3-7 in Google Chrome, please see the diagram below:

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