When importing courses into myBlueprint from your SIS, you can customize which fields from the SIS are used, and what information from myBlueprint is kept. 

Because you can fully customize all course information (except the course code) within your Counsellor account, and typically you want to preserve those customizations, by default the settings will not overwrite any edits made in myBlueprint. 

In other words, importing courses will simply add in any new courses from your SIS, but will not change any of the details such as course name or description which may have been edited in myBlueprint. 

If you have made changes in your SIS and you do want to overwrite what is in myBlueprint, you can change the import options to do so:

With all options set to Yes, nothing will be overwritten. If you select No for specific fields in this menu, the data from your SIS will erase any changes you have made in myBlueprint. Note that this cannot be reversed, so exercise caution in setting any of these options to 'No.'

  • Course Name: choose No here if you wish to override course names in myBlueprint with the names from your SIS. 
    • Note: some SIS platforms, particularly Trillium, have a maximum character length in the course names within their export files. Choosing 'No' here may cut off the end of some course names
  • Course Discipline:  choose No here if you wish to override course disciplines in myBlueprint with the disciplines from your SIS.
  • Course Type: choose No here if you wish to override course types (e.g. University, College, etc.) in myBlueprint with the types from your SIS.
  • Course Grade: choose No here if you wish to override course grade levels in myBlueprint with the grade levels from your SIS. 
    • Note: this will typically override any courses that have been set as Multi-Grade in myBlueprint
  • Credit Value: choose No here if you wish to override course credit values in myBlueprint with the values from your SIS. 
  • Course Description: choose No here if you wish to override course descriptions in myBlueprint with the descriptions from your SIS.
  • Course Guidance Message: choose No here if you wish to override course guidance messages in myBlueprint. The Guidance Message is a unique field in myBlueprint that is not part of the SIS data, so this option should only be set to 'No' if you wish to erase all guidance messages in myBlueprint.
  • Course Prerequisites: choose No here if you wish to override course pre-requisites configured in myBlueprint with the pre-requisites from your SIS. 

If you wish to change the default import settings for your school:

  1. From your Counsellor Lead Dashboard, click Configure Course Selection
  2. Click Course Import Options
  3. Configure the options as desired, and click Save Changes

Updating these default values means that the fields set to 'No' will be automatically overwritten each time that there is a course import, unless you manually change the import options when starting the import.