When you create an account, or log in to an existing account as a student at a school with SIS Data Integration in place, you may be prompted to enter your provincial student number and date of birth. Occasionally you might get an error that says 'We could not match your account':

This means that we have not yet received a student file with that student number and date of birth from your school's SIS. As a student, there are a few things you can do in this situation:

  • Ensure that your provincial student number is entered correctly, with no dashes or spaces
  • Ensure that the school you have selected is correct. 
    • If you are entering high school next year, select your intended future high school, rather than the Elementary option. Your student file may be placed at the high school already.
  • If you've confirmed everything is correct but you're still receiving the error, you can click the Skip this Step option at the bottom of your screen. This will allow you to bypass the activation step and access your account. Let your teacher or guidance counsellor know that you've received this error and weren't able to activate your account.

As a teacher or counsellor, if your student is experiencing this issue:

  1. Check if the student appears on the list in your account, marked as 'Not Activated.' If so, click on the Not Activated button to confirm the values from your SIS that the student should be entering in this form. Double-check that the student has entered them correctly. At times they may be entering their school board student number rather than provincial education number, or the date of birth may actually be incorrect. 
    • If the date of birth you see when clicking Not Activated is incorrect, the student can enter that date of birth for now to activate their account, then you can request that it be updated in your school's SIS 
  2. If the student does not appear on your list, this means we have not yet received their record from your SIS. Please ensure that the student is registered as active in your SIS, with a provincial student number on file. 
    • For BC School Districts in particular, please confirm that the student has no past withdraw date in MyEdBC, and that any parental consent requirement for your district has been completed
    • If you have confirmed all the points outlined above, myBlueprint will likely need to receive a new upload of data from your SIS. If you are a counsellor with access to import data yourself, you can do so, or if not, please contact your board / district IT helpdesk and/or myBlueprint support for further assistance.