How can I view my students Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) Progress?


By Roxanne Malcolm

updated over 1 year ago

There are two (2) great options available for educators to view their students’ IPP progress - through 1. Student List Overview and 2. Task Progress Report.

  • Student List Overview

  1. Log in to your myBlueprint Teacher/Counsellor Account

  2. On your Dashboard page, Click Classes

  3. Click to view a specific class e.g. McClain 9-1 > Click to enter the class

  4. View the Overview tab > View each student by name and the associated percentage score in the Tasks column

    1. Filter students by Last NameFirst Name, Grade or Tasks by clicking the up or down arrows beside each

  5. Click the percent associated with a student to view that student’s specific Task progress

  • Task Progress Report

  1. Log in to your myBlueprint Teacher/Counsellor Account

  2. In the left navigation menu > Click Reports

  3. Scroll to the Student Progress and Interests section > Click IPP Tasks and Progress

  4. View a summary of the School’s IPP Progress in the Overview tab

  5. Click Download Report 

  6. Scroll down > Click to View Student Progress per grade

  1. View students at each grade level (move to the different tabs to view all students per grade level)

  2. Students completion of a task will be indicated by a green tick in the task column, non-completion is indicated by a grey X.

  1. Filter students by Last NameFirst Name or Progress by clicking the up or down arrows beside each title 

  2. Scroll to the upper right-hand corner > Click Download for an Excel file version of the report (for all Grade levels) to be downloaded to your device 

    • This Excel file can then be printed if necessary

For more information and tutorials view the Stats and Reports video here

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