There are three types of account merges that can occur for student accounts:

  1. Merge accounts between two schools in the same school district
  2. Merge accounts between two schools in different school districts
  3. Merge accounts between a school district that completes student imports and one that does not

Students can complete the following account merges from within their account:

  1. Merge accounts between two schools in the same school district
    • To merge two accounts, refer to the following steps:
      1. Go to
      2. Click Log In
      3. Enter the credentials for the account you want to keep
      4. Click Log In
      5. Click your name (top right)
      6. Click Account Settings
      7. Click Merge previous accounts*
      8. Enter the other account's Email and Password**
      9. Click Merge Accounts
    • *Note: the account that students want to continue using should be the one they are merging from. It will copy all of their content with the exception of Who Am I Survey results. If students want to save their WAI results they should add them to a portfolio in their old account and then complete the merge. 
    • **Note: if students do not remember the password for their old account, as long as they know the email they can reset it by referring to the following steps:
      1. Go to
      2. Click Log In
      3. Click Forgot Password?
      4. Input their email address*
      5. Click Reset Password
        • *If students cannot remember their email or password, they can reach out to myBlueprint support
  2. Merge accounts between two schools in different school districts
    • Refer to the same steps outlined in 1. above to complete the merge 
    • Note: this type of account merge can only occur if:
      1.  Both schools do not complete student imports. You can tell both schools do not complete student imports if you are able to make changes to the current year in your high school plan.
      2. You are merging an account from a school that does not complete imports into an account that does complete imports.

Students cannot complete the following merge from within their accounts:

  1. Merge accounts from a school district that completes student imports into one that does not
    • Reach out to myBlueprint support, and they will be able to complete the merge

Still need help? Do not hesitate to contact us, by either emailing or calling us at 1-888-991-5505. We are always happy to help!