As a staff member with a Counsellor Lead Account type you are able to set up "Not Returning" as an option for students to select when they completing course selection. Not Returning can be configured in two ways - either as an option that is tracked only in myBlueprint, or with tiebacks to not returning placeholder codes in your SIS.

Configuration 1

To set up a not returning option that is only tracked in myBlueprint, simply:

  1. Log in to your Counsellor Lead Account
  2. Navigate to the Course Selection Checklist on your Dashboard page
  3. Click Configure Course Selection
  4. Click Not Returning 
  5. Toggle "Enable Not Returning Option?" to Yes
  6. Select the minimum grade that will see the Not Returning option
  7. Check off the options that you want students to see (e.g. Apprenticeship, College, New School, etc.)
  8. Click Save Changes

Once Course Selection is open students will see the Not Returning option to select within their High School plans, just above the button to review their course selections:

 Once students select Not Returning you will see this indicated to the right of their names, when you open the Students section in your account.

  • To test out or demonstrate what Not Returning looks like for your students click Student View, in the top right of your Dashboard page, then click High School in your Student View.
  • To view a summary of the different destinations indicated by your Not Returning students, click Reports in the left-hand navigation menu, then Not Returning 

Configuration 2

If you want to track each student's reason for not returning in your Student Information System (SIS), you can complete the additional steps below:

  1. Complete steps 1-6 above
  2. Under Not Returning Course Tiebacks, click Yes
    • Note: the not returning course tieback codes need to first be set up in your SIS before you can set them up in myBlueprint, and need to be imported as part of your course import.
  3. Select the Not Returning Options you wish to have enabled
  4. Select the corresponding course code (e.g. NOTRET) from the drop-down list 
    • You can select distinct options for each destination if you have them configured in your SIS, or the same tieback code for all options
    • If you use the same code for all options, you won't be able to distinguish between the different destinations within your SIS after the export, but you can still view students' choices through the Not Returning Report in myBlueprint
  5. Click Save Changes
  6. Exit the course selection settings page, and open the Courses section in your account
  7. Check off the not returning placeholder code(s), then click Group Actions > Disable Selected Courses. This will ensure that students can submit these only through the not returning option.

Note: With either configuration option, when a student submits Not Returning, any previously added course(s) will not be submitted and they will no longer be able to submit courses (unless you re-allow their submission). With Configuration 1, nothing will be exported to your SIS for Not Returning students; with Configuration 2, the not returning tieback codes you have selected will be exported back to your SIS once you complete the course selection process.