Subject-specific portfolios are very useful when documenting student learning, and showcasing their individual course work, learning experiences, self-discovery, and career exploration. For example, a foreign language portfolio could have cultural artefacts relating to religion, art, and celebrations, as well as evidence of written and spoken proficiency in the language. 

The subject-specific portfolio can function as a working portfolio, display portfolio, or assessment portfolio or a combination of all the types based on the subject/course and the preference of the Teacher. 

The portfolio will generally showcase students’ work, individual reflections on their progress, learning styles, personality traits, skills, and goals! However, the portfolio will also serve as a tool for students to express themselves by having a dynamic collection of materials that summarise, document and highlight who they are, what they have learned, and what they hope to do in the future.

For more information and tutorials on how to create and use subject-specific portfolios with your students please view the resources and videos below. 

Sample portfolios: Subject-specific exemplar Portfolios

Lesson Plan: Subject-specific portfolio lesson plan

Article:  Creating a Portfolio (available in Word and Google Doc formats)

Video: Portfolios

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