The 21st Century Competencies and Core Competencies Lesson Plan Packages were created by the myBlueprint Support Team to assist educators in developing and supporting students' self-assessment of their competencies through the creation of a digital portfolio on myBlueprint. Although there is no defined medium for how students are to showcase their self-assessment of 21st Century or B.C. Core Competencies, we believe that our Portfolio tool is extremely well designed to support your students in reporting and reflecting on their growth of all competencies. 

The value of using Portfolios to Reflect

The Core Competencies & 21st Century Competencies package is designed to help support students in meeting course expectations using the features of myBlueprint Education Planner. 

  • While a student's portfolio will serve the purpose of documenting their learning in each of the Competencies, it can importantly encourage student reflection on this learning. When students are provided the time and space/place to reflect, they are empowered to share their thoughts, complete self-assessment, build their skills in critical thinking, apply problem solving techniques and become more engaged and self-motivated learners. 
  • When students post their reflections, teachers can provide constructive feedback and prompt conversation to engage their student in sharing their experiences and perspective. These student reflections can foster open student-teacher dialogue, and even connected family members can join the discussion to prompt further reflection. 
  • We would encourage you to give students as much flexibility as possible with how they can reflect. Allowing multiple media types, such as video, audio, images, and text will allow students to respond in the way they’re most comfortable, and allow you to meet the needs of all your students.

Reflection ideas for students

Our myBlueprint Portfolio reflection prompts can be used by teachers for ideas to get students started with their reflections.  

As students create their journals in their portfolio or complete class activities, you can select some relevant reflection questions from the document to prompt students to dive deeper, etc. The prompts are also useful when posting comments back to students after engaging with work they've posted, especially for remote learning.

Students can use the reflection prompts to inspire their thoughts and post Reflections (text, audio, video, photo, file) to their portfolio artifacts by simply clicking on “Add Reflection”.

Still have questions about how best to implement myBlueprint portfolios? Don't hesitate to contact us by either emailing support@myBlueprint.ca or calling us at 1-888-991-5505. We are always happy to help!