Our mission with myBlueprint Education Planner is to offer the most engaging education and career/life planning program to support you and your students.

Below are some ideas to help you successfully implement myBlueprint in your school or classroom. 

  1. Use the Year-at-a-Glance guides (Resources > Implementation & Curriculum) to set monthly school-wide objectives by grade. For example:

    1. Have all students create an account and complete the Learning Styles survey by October

    2. Have all students create 2 post-secondary/career goals by the end of November

  1. Choose a department in your school that will be responsible for getting all students to log in and activate their accounts (e.g., All grade 9 students will create their account in English class)

  1. Promote the use of myBlueprint across all subject areas by having all students create a “Goal Setting” portfolio to which they can add their subject-specific academic and personal goals

  1. Build a Community Practice by inviting parents to be part of the planning process through 3-way Conferences between students, parents, and teachers/mentors. Share the Information for Parents and prepare students to present their myBlueprint portfolio with the help of a Student-led Conference Dialogue Guide 

  2. Upload and share a School Resource with students (e.g., Career fair flyerPost-secondary application documentationScholarship & Bursary information, School Calendar, etc.)

  1. Run reports on students’ favourite occupations, post-secondary programs, and institutions to help organize your Post-Secondary Education Fair and/or select guest speakers that match your students’ interests

  1. Share important information regarding upcoming school events by sending a school message (e.g., Broadcast the upcoming Post-Secondary Education Fair and attach the event flyer)

  1. Build a custom Exit Survey for your Grade 12 students to get an idea of where your students are headed next, and to evaluate how prepared they feel when transitioning to post-secondary

  1. Invite Grade 11/12 “myBlueprint student ambassadors” to support younger students with myBlueprint and career/life planning

  1. Use a specific lesson plan or Course Package from the myBlueprint Support Page that aligns with a school initiative (e.g., What is Stress? lesson plan for Mental Health awareness week or a province-specific Career Education Course Package)

  1. Schedule a Lunch & Learn for new staff or participate in a drop-in webinar to refresh yourself and staff on student and staff account features

Need more help or want to discuss your implementation of myBlueprint? Don't hesitate to contact us by either emailing support@myBlueprint.ca or calling us at 1-888-991-5505. We are always happy to help!