Our mission with myBlueprint Education Planner is to offer the most engaging education and career/life planning program to support you and your students.

Below are some teacher-specific ideas to help you successfully implement myBlueprint in your school or classroom.

  1. At the beginning of the year/semester, have your students create a portfolio titled “About Me Portfolio” to which they will add artefacts that represent themselves (e.g., Pictures, videos, website links, occupations of interest, journal entries, etc.) and their learning progress

*TIP: Prepare students to present their myBlueprint portfolio during student-led conferences with the help of our Student-led Conference Dialogue Guide!

  1. Learn more about your students’ learning style distribution by having students complete the Who Am I Learning Styles Survey (can be tracked using the Who Am I Assessments Report)

  1. Have students create a subject-specific portfolio (e.g., “My Science Portfolio” and “My Physical Activity Portfolio”) to document career opportunities related to the field of study, course-specific goals, photos/videos/links of their classroom experiences, and work they are proud of

*TIP: Have students download Class Pass App to easily upload evidence of learning to their portfolio!

  1. Introduce students to high school courses, occupations, and related post-secondary opportunities in your field of study with the Forwards and Backwards Planning Activity

  1. After report cards/progress reports, have students set a goal for something that they want to improve on in your class for the next report card. Have students check back periodically to check off the steps they have completed, and reflect on their progress

  1. During homework/study period (or with your Teacher Advisory Groups), create Class Activities for a portfolio assignment on myBlueprint and check students’ completed activities at the end of the period for completion (from the Activities section in your Teacher account)

  1. During one-on-one meetings, keep track of a student’s progress, personal interests, and assessment notes (e.g., courses and post-secondary pathway of interest) in an Advisement Log (accessible in a student’s Overview from the Classes section in your Teacher Account)

  1. Organizing a class field trip? Take along the Experiential Learning Activity! This activity asks students to reflect on the occupations and individuals they encounter outside of the classroom

  1. Teaching a Career Education, Mathematics, or Business course? Introduce students to the concepts of budgeting and digital citizenship with our Financial Literacy & Digital Citizenship Lesson Plans (7-12) series

Involved with a Work Experience/Co-op/Technology & Vocational Education program? Encourage students to create a “Work Experience” portfolio to document their journey (i.e., weekly journal entries, personal goals and action plans, videos/photos of their work experience, related occupations and post-secondary programs, updated resume/cover letter with employability and life skills developed)

Do you still need assistance? Don't hesitate to contact us by either emailing support@myBlueprint.ca or calling us at 1-888-991-5505

We are always happy to help!