The most common reason you may encounter issues logging in with a QR code is if the code is being scanned from the camera app on a mobile device. This tries to convert the code to a URL, which will not work. 

The QR codes from myBlueprint don't store a link, instead they work like a username/password to log in.

Students can use them by: 

  1. Visiting through a web browser, on a device equipped with a camera
  2. Clicking Log In 
  3. Clicking QR Code Login, and scanning their code. 

This will log them directly into their account. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that Class Pass has a special QR code which can only be used through the app (the Class QR code). 

  • This works as a login for the entire class, and cannot be used through a web browser. 
  • Individual student QR codes can be used to log in both from a Web browser, and through Class Pass

For more information about this feature, take a look at our QR Code Login guides: