Class Activities are a great way to adapt your in-class learning to the online e-learning and digital portfolio environment. 

Note: you will need to have classes already set up to create a class activity. 

To set up class activities simply:

  1. Log in to your myBlueprint Teacher or Counsellor Account
  2. Click Classes 
  3. Click into the class you want to create the activity for
  4. Click the Activities tab
  5. Click + Create Activity
  6. Choose an Activity Type (Journal, Media, or From myBlueprint)
  7. Fill in the necessary fields as prompted for activity creation
  8. Click Save Activity

Do you have an activity you want to use for more than one class? You can actually create just one activity and add multiple classes to that activity! To do so:

  1.  Navigate to your main Dashboard page
  2. Click Activities (the left hand menu)
  3. Click + Create Activity
  4. Choose an Activity Type (Journal, Media or From myBlueprint)
  5. Fill in the necessary fields as prompted for activity creation
  6. Click Save Activity
  7. On the Activities page,
    1. Find the activity 
    2. Click + Add Class
    3. Repeat step 1 and 2 above for your other classes

Can I add an activity for only certain students in my class? Class Activities are automatically visible to all students in the class, and it's not possible to select specific students when adding the activity to a class. 

  • However, teachers can create multiple classes with the same students - so if there are some activities that are only applicable for specific students in the class, you can create a new class for those students, then add the activity to that class.
  •  For example, if you have a Gr. 7/8 class for activities applicable to both grades, you could also create separate Gr. 7 and Gr. 8 classes if you wanted to assign specific activites to only those students. 

Can I create activities ahead of time, but not make them visible to students right away? 

  • Yes! To do this, simply create the activities within the main Activities page, rather than from within a class.
  • This will save the activity in your account, but won't make it visible for students yet. 
  • You can then add the activity to a class when you're ready by clicking Add Class on the Activities page, or within a class, select Create Activity, then From Existing

What happens when students complete activities? They will be marked as completed, and the content that students have posted for that activity will be visible all in one Feed. To see what this looks like, simply:

  1. Click Classes
  2. Open your class
  3. Click the Activities tab
  4. Click on the relevant activity
  5. On this page you will see:
    • The activities linked with your class
    • The percentage of students that have completed each activity
    • By clicking on the Activity nameyou can access a feed of all the work that students have posted for that activity

Important Note: the only way for activities to show as completed, is when students complete the activity by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to their myBlueprint Student Account
  2. Click Home from the left-hand navigation menu
  3. Click Class Activities
  4. Click on the class box
  5. Click Start Activity
  6. Complete the prompts to add content depending on the type of activity (ie, write a journal, upload media, etc.).