At times, due to an interruption in your connection, a browser issue, or a server problem, you may experience a longer than usual delay in the loading of your classes. 

  • The time to load your account will also vary depending on your connection speed and the number of students you have access to. Counsellor accounts at large schools, or accounts with access to multiple schools, will take slightly longer to load.
  • If you've logged in and the list of students within your teacher or counsellor account hasn't fully loaded after about a minute, please try the steps outlined in our Troubleshooting Loading Issues article. 
  • If the issue is that your account does load, but you're not seeing students - whether it's certain specific students or any students at all - please take a look at this article: I'm not seeing one of my students in my account.

If you've reviewed the information in those articles but you're still having trouble, or they don't quite apply to your situation, please contact myBlueprint support. We're happy to help!